Big Table Farm. A Holiday Visit

Follow a country road way out in the Northern Willamette Valley to this sign

It took a commitment, but we got to try some tasty small-production wines off the beaten path.

Big Table Farm turned out to be a gem for our 2nd annual Oregon Holiday Wine Tasting road trip. It is located far from our usual favorites; the more well-known Argyle, Archery Summit, Stoller, Domaine Serene and others near Dundee and McMinnville or our friends at Bethel Heights and Van Duzer farther south.

Free-range egglayin girls are just part of this farm community

Big Table Farm is country!

A 70-acre working farm in the Northern Willamette Valley, several miles down a dirt road, a fair distance from any major highways. In addition to gathering those eggs, Draft horses, pigs, broilers and Irish Dexter cows are raised on the farm!

This is the inspired, venturesome undertaking of Brian Marcy and Clare Carver. Napa Valley refugees. A UC-Davis grad, Brian worked with Helen Turley for many years on the wines of Marcassin, Blankiet and Turley Wine and associates. Clare, the artist, does award-winning labels for clients like Beaux Freres and Grace Family.

Clare's studio with many farm inspired themes

Brian makes small amounts of wine from some established Willamette Valley Vineyards. Brooks Vineyard was our 1st Holiday visit last year. Big Table Farm has an ’09 version of Brooks Vineyard Riesling. There was also a classic (to my taste) Cattrall Brothers Vineyard Pinot Noir and the rich, full Resonance Vineyard Pinot Noir. Both 2009 bottlings were winners and both distinctly different. Brian and Clare invited holiday visitors into their house for delicious smoked pork belly, local cheeses, olives and down-home hospitality. It was as if we stopped in on a neighbor for some Thanksgiving cheer. A really nice visit on (or off) the Oregon wine trail.

We didn’t get to taste the 2008s after all – sold out!

Big Table Farm gets rave reviews from these tough critics!

ps – One episode left of running towards eden. Is there a 2011 blog in the works? Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Big Table Farm. A Holiday Visit

  1. clare says:

    wow what a great post thanks so much for coming out and writing this wonderful post!! we hope to see you again!! cheers! Clare

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